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  ipe Damage & Corrosion

Unfiltered water will allow sediment to build up and create rock hard clogging that will require replaced piping.

Corrosive substance such as chlorine in high amounts can cause sever damage to your pipes. This not only will cost a fortune to fix but takes away your healthy drinking water.

Your filtration going unchecked will only provide issues like the picture above. Paying a plumber to constantly

Damage & corrosion to your pipes can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Mineral Deposits

  • Calcium scale forms in pipes and hot water appliances

  • Acidic Water Due To Low PH

  • Chlorine exposure

Damage is costly. Whether it be to a build up of particals causing clogging or acidic water corroding the metal, it is an extra cost that goes unneeded. Proper filtration and upkeep of your filtration system removes these issues from your life!

If you know that your water has any of the above factors or you are worried about future corrosion, give us a call today for your free consultation!


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